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Welcome to The Teeth Whitening Training School, the UK’s leading authority on cosmetic teeth whitening. We don’t just train new entrants to the industry, we run advanced teeth whitening workshops to those already well-established in the industry as well as running ‘Train the Trainer’ Seminars.

We offer both teeth whitening training courses by dentists for dentists AND excellent “10th May 2013 High Court Ruling” compliant teeth whitening packages for non-dentists. The Teeth Whitening School run sessions in areas such as Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Swansea, Cardiff, Plymouth, Bristol and Reading. We also cover everywhere in between and a bit further!

Established in 2005, we certainly know a thing or two about teeth whitening. We have whitened thousands of people’s teeth and trained hundreds of our industries best teeth whitening consultants. We just love the world of teeth whitening! And we can’t think of many other businesses where you get to meet so many new and interesting people while getting paid for it!

Tooth whitening is an increasingly in-demand cosmetic service which fits in very nicely with many other treatments in salons, clinics and spas. Once you’ve undergone the appropriate teeth whitening training, the procedure could become part of a brand new specialist package you offer. It’s also a fantastic way to bring new customers your way, who may have thought they were happy elsewhere until they experience your high level of service!

Teeth whitening is now a billion pound market and for those smart enough to invest in laser teeth whitening training and teeth whitening courses the sector will prove highly profitable. Our teeth whitening graduates earn over £1,500 a week and many easily double that! So if you want to join them, give us a call on 01633 408 408, email us HERE or use the Enquiry Form HERE.

What Our Customers Say

Our Happy Clients

Important decisions like the one you’re about to make regarding which training provider you are to book with needs more concrete evidence and facts than just taking some strangers word.

With this in mind we have compiled a few people that we have trained over the years and their words on what they thought the course was like.

In addition we also have a video testimonial of just what one of them thought after attending our teeth whitening training course!

Click here to watch

One of the most important aspects about teeth whitening is staying within the law. Whether a dentist or a non-dentist we have a course to keep you on the right side of the teeth whitening law. Did you know, the number of dentists out there still using hydrogen peroxide over 6% is unbelievable, but if you’re trained by us we’ll tell you exactly what to use! Likewise for our non-dentist students, where things are slightly different, we tailor the course to help you stay safe and out of trouble.

Once you’ve completed your teeth whitening training course you’ll quickly realise that there’s no job quite like it. You’ll be able to enjoy:

  • A Great Work/Life Balance (fit in around looking after your children or your full time job)
  • Excellent earnings of between £1,000 and £2,000 per week (if you’re willing to work hard)
  • Worldwide travel opportunities (huge potential to work from a hotter climate)
  • No-one telling you what to do as you are your own boss (start at noon if you fancy a lay in!)
  • The freedom to plan your own working week (no 2 week notice to take a day off!)
  • The sense of satisfaction that you get when giving someone that new great smile they’ve always wanted! (people are so thrilled with the result they will kiss and huge you sometimes!)

The Teeth Whitening School’s international tooth whitening training course is the perfect stepping stone for those looking for a low overhead mobile business, international travel or even a profitable side line for evenings and weekends.

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