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Marketing Your Teeth Whitening Business Posted on January 15, 2015, by
Most people when they attend one of The Teeth Whitening Schools excellent teeth whitening courses, view the day as the end of the beginning. The months of shall I, shan’t I and then finally plucking up the courage to leave the job they are in or become motivated to provide...
Teeth Whitening Solutions – Sodium Perborate Posted on December 2, 2014, by
How Up-to-date is your Teeth Whitening Trainer? Are they still training you in solutions that have been categorised as illegal. It took one well known teeth whitening training provider over a year to stop training people and supplying them with Hydrogen Peroxide 36% (saying that also took over a year...
UK Teeth Whitening Law – The FACTS Posted on October 2, 2014, by
Read a Few Articles From A GDC Perspective & Wondering Can You Still Offer Teeth Whitening? The General Dental Council (GDC) tries to scare people into stopping you offer teeth whitening? However if you knew they were lying would this not make you angry, them stopping you from making an...
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