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How Up-to-date is your Teeth Whitening Trainer? Are they still training you in solutions that have been categorised as illegal. It took one well known teeth whitening training provider over a year to stop training people and supplying them with Hydrogen Peroxide 36% (saying that also took over a year for alot of dentists to stop using it for teeth whitening)

This leads us to Sodium Perborate, this is classed as a dangerous substance in Europe due to foetal cytotoxic effects. It has long been banned in Japan and now with the European commission changing its stance on this substance it can no longer be used for “cosmetic” purposes (however medical has a different criteria).

It has been classified as CMR1B (please read below for an explanation of what this means). The Teeth Whitening School is awaiting to hear back from trading standards regarding the exact date this will be enforced from, we have been told around January 2015, so for all our teeth whitening training courses from now onwards we are keeping all our students informed and amending the course content to reflect this.

In defense of Sodium Perborate, when applied to the teeth due to the amount being used on each application, being around only 0.3 ml its arguably too small an amount to cause a problem however when it comes to self-administered trays being filled with 3 ml and the ease with which solution is swallowed when using trays, opposed to being applied directly to the teeth, this raises serious concerns.

Just begs the questions when will Chlorine Dioxide be banned as this is nasty stuff! That is well overdue…

A substance classified as CMR1B (or CMR1A) is automatically prohibited for use in cosmetic products. By way of exception, the Commission may adopt measures for the authorisation of these categories of substances provided that all the following conditions listed in article 15, paragraph 2 are fulfilled:
– No suitable alternative substances are available,
– The application is made for a particular use of the product category with a known exposure,
– Assessment by the Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety (SCCS) of the European Commission concluding to the safety for use in cosmetic products.

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