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Is it safe?

NO. When done by badly trained people without extensive knowledge who are churning out treatments on mass. We have heard stories of people doing over 10 a day! This is not safe and standards WILL slip. Interestingly they are no longer in business.

YES. We only allow each of our comprehensively trained consultants to perform a maximum of 5 treatments a day. It gets even better as we are also a Teeth Whitening Training School (click here for more information), having trained hundreds of dentists and teeth whitening businesses over the years. This same Director of Training also trains the Consultants so you know you’re in safe hands!


Does it hurt?

YES. If high concentrations of illegal solutions are used and all checks NOT carried out prior to teeth whitening.

No. When you use high quality gels and ensure the correct checks have been made you get the best of both world’s great results and no sensitivity.


Does teeth whitening really work?

Yes, just ask our customers!


Will LED teeth whitening damage the enamel of my teeth?

YES if done by someone not trained properly and using cheap solutions.
No. Research conducted by American scientists shows there is no risk whatsoever to the enamel of the teeth after having a LED teeth whitening treatment with the correct solutions. We don’t recommend you having your teeth done too often, every six months is more than adequate.


How long will the results last?

Your teeth should stay noticeably whiter for 18-24 months after having LED teeth whitening treatment; however we recommended to keep your teeth looking white and at their best getting in touch with us every 12 months.

Also with age your teeth discolour, so not only are you fighting a battle against what you eat and drink, your also need to combat the ageing of your dentin (the middle part of the teeth).


How long does it take?

The treatment takes between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on whether you have our traditional teeth whitening package or our premium teeth whitening package. The results are instant so when you next look at your teeth just like magic, they’re white!


Does LED teeth whitening work on veneers, crowns, bridges and fillings?

You have now come to our speciality, we have treated thousands of patients aged over 50 whereby they have a few crowns or bridges and want a real positive boost to their smile to make them look younger. We are able to blend old prosthetic teeth into your real teeth to provide a natural smile, a wife when seeing her husband’s results commented “It’s been a long time since I wanted to kiss him until today.”


Why have LED teeth whitening instead of using a home kit?

Boredom is the main factor here! Very few people actually complete the course. We know this all too well, as these people are often the first on the phone to us asking them to be relived of the sheer boredom and mundane of using these home kits. That’s before we even consider that results are slow to achieve! Did we ever mention our results are instant!

Home kits will lighten your teeth however not to the same level. Some contain mild acids and others are abrasive which can cause ulcers and damage to the gums if the product is not used correctly. They need to be used for at least a few hours or overnight every day for minimum of two weeks in order to start seeing a change to the colour of your teeth.

Stay well away from the cheap kits found on e-bay as these are often produced in China, where unfortunately they haven’t got the same standards as us, need I say more! The high quality kits your dentist can provide will be at least twice the price of our treatment yet as your self-administering, it won’t be as safe combined with you the results will be less impressive all for a lot more effort and time.


FAQ – Teeth Whitening Training Courses

Which business package do i need?

We like to provide as much choice as possible for our customers which is why we offer four teeth whitening packages as we are aware that one size doesn’t fit all!

If you are unsure which business package is perfect for you I would suggest speaking to a member of the team who can advise you which package would best suit your business model.


How much money can I earn?

You can comfortably pay back your course costs with less than 10 clients, and as mentioned above we’ve had people already make a few thousand pound profit after paying for the course and all business setup costs before they’ve even attended the training! An average person in the industry will be earning over £1,000 per week with those who put effort in and make it their sole career will look to around £2,000 and £3,000 per week.


What qualification will I receive?

Upon satisfying the Director of Training that you meet the stringent standards you will then be presented by the Director with the qualification of Cosmetic Whitening Technician. The qualification is recognised by the leading insurance providers in the United Kingdom. International students would need to check the criteria in the country of residence. We also recommend you become familiar with the Health and Safety executive, who provide guidelines on safe working practices and recommendations that you should adopt.


How many students are trained on one day?

All training is conducted on a ONE-2-ONE basis. This enables us to provide you with the best level of attention and instruction. You also can feel more comfortable asking any question you have without worrying what others think. Obviously if we are training a Dental Practice, Spa, Clinic or Salon its then your choice how many you enrol on the training course.


Is Teeth Whitening Illegal?

YES. You may be surprised by our answer as we offer teeth whitening training courses! However this is where you need to pick your training provider right. We are only too aware of some training providers offering illegal training courses, teaching you methods that will result in you getting a £5,000 fine from the likes of the GDC! We have retrained a lot of these people and sadly for them their original outlay was a complete waste of money but at least cheaper than being prosecuted by trading standards!

We teach the ways and processes to keep the right side of the law whether dentist or non-dentist. We’ve even had a few dentists we’ve train surprised at some of the laws they would have broken if not been trained by us!

We also have close links with many of the trading standard office in Wales and the South West who keep us updated of any new developments.


Where is the training venue?

We train in our exclusive clinic based in Monmouthshire which is ideally situated for Birmingham being only 1.5 hours, Swansea 1 hour, Exeter 1 hour, Bristol 30 minutes, Cardiff 20 minutes and London 2 hours.


What are you financial arrangements?

We request a small deposit of £295 when booking the course, then the balance can either be paid on the day or at any point before the training date. We accept all major credit and debit cards and BACS transfer.


Will I need insurance?

Yes, our courses are approved by the leading teeth whitening insurance company in the UK.

“Within one month I had recouped my training and set up costs and making a profit already…”


How soon after I have graduated can I start to work?

The moment you walk out the door! We’ve had people that we’ve trained that day and they have been making money that same evening! We also find a lot of people attending the course have over 20 treatments already booked in, which at our RRP of £149 (some of our students charge £199) they already have paid for their equipment and training plus made a few thousand on top!


What are the next course dates available?

We only run 3 training course a week, but we will usually have a date in the not too distant future for you to attend so just pick up the phone and ask one of us on 01633 408 408.

Why so few you may ask, well it’s all down to quality. We feel if we were to churn out training courses en mass it would reduce the quality and your personal enjoyment of the course. When a trainer starts to get bored in their work, standards suffer. By only doing 3 courses a week we keep out levels of enthusiasm high and our students can really pic up on this!


I have trained elsewhere, but I’m still not comfortable performing treatment

We get lots of people call us for guidance and advice having been trained elsewhere by these mobile training outfits who try and cram your training into a half day so they can whisk off to the next course that same afternoon! We are also away of two mobile operations that cause concern, one flies over from Northern Ireland and another crams up to 10 courses in a few days. This approach devalues your level of learning and more importantly missing out on important topics that could put you and your patient in harm’s way.

We do also offer a payment plan and if you would like to know more about this option then please call 01633 408 038.


Are models required to complete the training?

We recommend for the practical hands on training that people bring along with them a model. The reason for this as practising on someone you are very familiar with and comfortable around really helps speed up the learning process.

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