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To help you understand what you will actually be doing once you have completed your teeth whitening training course, we’ve outlined the teeth whitening process below.

At the Teeth Whitening School we use the latest technology and teeth whitening methods to help you achieve a beautiful white smile. The process involves using a range of safe and clinically approved whitening gel so that patients can achieve a smile that boosts confidence.

Just One Visit

This advanced treatment only requires one treatment and results in visibly lighter teeth for up to 18 months. The treatment takes between 1½ and 2 hours from start to finish depending on the package you choose and you will see the results immediately after your treatment.

A Relaxing 60 Minute Treatment

MC Under Light The Process - EDITOlder systems would only apply the gel once and would have kept it on for up to one hour for the oxidising molecules to disperse away from the enamel and into thin air. To improve the results and keep an active solution on the tooth at all times, the procedure now consists of two or three, 20 minute applications with a new active solution re-applied.

The teeth whitening process involves:

  1. The treatment starts by preparing the teeth
  2. A retractor is gently placed in the mouth to keep your lips and cheeks away from your teeth
  3. A barrier gel is then placed around the gum line to protect your soft tissue
  4. Your teeth are then assessed to find their current shade
  5. A whitening solution will then be carefully placed on each tooth
  6. The solution is then activated by focusing a blue LED light into the mouth for a 20 minute cycle. This process is repeated on further occasions


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