A Package To Suit Everyone

The Teeth Whitening School offers you a complete teeth whitening business in a boxed solution to starting your own non-dental and dental business. We can provide you everything from training right through to a complete franchised business, where we provide you with the branding and the customers under our very successful ‘Smile Like The Stars’ brand. We are the one-stop-shop to find out how to start a teeth whitening business.

We can help you with what equipment you need and how you go about sourcing it. We can tell you what promotional material you require in order to get yourself customers and provide you with on-going advice too. We’ll update you on industry developments, whether technological or legal. Provide further training in marketing or once you have enough experience under your belt, advanced teeth whitening techniques to further establish yourself as one of the best in the business.

Our Teeth Whitening business packages provide you with a no hassle. Simply turn up to our training centre and you leave fully qualified with everything you need to make money from day 1. Prices start off at £995 for our Professional package and range up to £2,995 for dental practices.

For those who want more support with developing their new business along with a complete business model setup then our franchise offering is most definitely best for you, Smile Like The Stars FRANCHISE.

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