Teeth Whitening Franchise

Be a Part of Our Teeth Whitening Franchise

We haven’t gone in to this lightly, we don’t offer the The Smile Like The Stars brand to just anyone! We have a vision to make you and Smile Like The Stars, the biggest and most trusted cosmetic teeth whitening brand in the country with the help of our Teeth Whitening School. With this in mind we are only looking for people with a great attitude and those who will convey the right image to be part of our teeth whitening franchise – past experience is not so much of a concern to us.

Why Choose Us?

We do things differently here at the Teeth Whitening School. We don’t do cheap and cheerful, we only offer the best! Plus you will be filling a very important gap in the teeth whitening industry with a business that no one else seems able to compete with.

The market can be broken down to 3 segments:

1. Your discount teeth whiteners – £89 and under
2. High Quality Service and Product by Non-dentists – £129 to £249
3. Dentists – £399 upwards

To charge under £89, you have to devote a huge amount of time to your business. You’d need to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in order to make a decent income. This gives you no time to actually book the treatments in or grow your business (or to relax). Plus you will find the customers at this price point are typically the most awkward, want everything for nothing and also complain the most! (Another good reason to leave this segment well alone).

We obviously can’t offer a dental service, so that leaves us with the very lucrative middle market. Here the customer wants a great service but won’t under any circumstances pay the extortionate amount a dentist would charge.

We don’t want to give too much away about our secret success formula just yet – but we do have clever strategies for you to really make the most of this huge market.

This business model works and has been tried and tested by our founder Martyn Collier and his team for the last 9 years. So why has it taken this long to decide to offer a franchise? Well, it’s all down to time and resources. We have a great business and we want to expand!

The most cost effective way is to offer you, and others who meet our strict high standards, a franchise. You get the power of working for yourself and we get expansion, without the time required travelling the length and breadth of the country, hiring staff and more importantly trying to keep an eye on our very high standards! It’s a win-win situation!

We have been training other teeth whitening companies for quite a few years now, and the one thing we notice is that they grasp the teeth whitening aspect pretty quickly but quite a few don’t seem to stick at it. This got us thinking ‘why?’ as we’ve managed to stick around for years now!

The answer is, these people are great at doing the treatments but haven’t got the first idea at how to run the business! This is where the Teeth Whitening School franchise idea stemmed from – we can offer you literally everything to get you going, from training to equipment. But the really important thing is we keep you going (once you’ve run out of friends and family on Facebook to sell to!).

Marketing, marketing and guess what, more marketing…

So if you were to ask what sets us apart from the other teeth whitening franchises, it would most definitely be our focus on marketing and getting new customers whilst keeping our existing ones! This is the single biggest factor in our success, bar none! We place a great amount of energy and focus on continually bringing in new customers, day in, day out. We know what works, what doesn’t and how to maintain that healthy flow of new customers – whilst not forgetting and harassing your very important existing customers.

So quite simply, we set you up and then keep you going, unlike other teeth whitening franchising companies who set you up and then disappear! If you don’t succeed we don’t either, so we have a massive invested interest in your success. At this point you’re probably wondering ‘so what will I earn?’ well, I can tell you it could be a lot!

Think you can do it? Want fun and freedom? If so we would love to hear from you. When you do we’ll send you a franchisee information pack, covering:

1. Equipment and treatment packs as well as a fact sheet with images.
2. Information on territories available for you.
3. Treatment, training and franchise FAQs.
4. A training support and development program.
5. A detailed list of every single item you get as part of the package.
6. Information on the selection process to make sure you’re suitable.
7. A copy of the franchise agreement.

And to find out your next steps on the path to getting yourself a great career and more enjoyable life with our teeth whitening business opportunity, simply contact us using the enquiry box at the top right of this page or give us a call on 01633 408 038.